Falcon Healthcare Group (Previously “PDL”) entered into an operation and management agreement with Artemis to operate the two hospitals. Artemis Medicare Services Ltd, also known as Artemis Hospitals, is an India-based company that operates multi-specialty hospitals.

The Company’s expertise lies primarily in the spectrum of advanced medical and surgical interventions, with a comprehensive mix of inpatient and outpatient services. The Company offers treatment facilities for various medical conditions under various specialties, which include allergy and immunology, cancer, endocrine, diabetes and metabolism, rheumatology, heart, bones, muscles, dermatology, urology, digestive, kidneys and psychiatry conditions.

Geographic footprint:

Number of Employees: 1741

Number of Beds: 400

Find out more here: https://www.artemishospitals.com/


Safyr Health is a subsidiary of Safyr Capital Partners Ltd (collectively the “Safyr Group”), a renowned player in the financial services industry in Mauritius. The Company operates as an Investment Banking institution licensed by the Financial Services Commission. A core mission of the Safyr Group is to develop Mauritius into a key financial services player in Africa. By doing so, Safyr Group aims to increase foreign direct investment in the country, mainly through its investment banking and fiduciary platform.

Established in 2019, Safyr Health is a domestic company that is the healthcare arm of the Safyr Group. The vision of the Company is to actively engage in the Mauritian healthcare industry, with the option of using its investments in Mauritius as a bridge for further expansion into the African continent. Safyr Health is already an investor in the healthcare sector of Mauritius and the Safyr Group has led an investment of more than USD55m in Mauritius through the construction of two state-of-the-art hospitals.


Founded in 1979, Groupe Filatex is a leading renewable energy, real estate and free zones business based in Madagascar.

The company’s approach is to harness Madagascar’s rich natural resources and talent to support sustainable development. Groupe Filatex invests in projects across the country and is now exporting their expertise to the rest of Africa and around the world.

Find out more here: https://groupe-filatex.com